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MiO take on varied art commissions that incorporate a multitude of disciplines and techniques to create memorable and thought provoking artworks. We endeavour to include aspects of making that can be completed by people with varying levels of experience and skill. Through engaging participants in these activities we provide a space to learn and reflect on how new skills could be put to use in projects of their own. To discuss a commission with us please get in touch via the contact form or

Equanimity is a kinetic sculpture created for a private client in Haywards Heath. Stylistically sitting sitting somewhere between Alexander Calder and Juan Miro, the shapes mesmerisingly float around in the wind around the central tri-sail shape. For equanimity we worked from the clients brief and all design, development and construction took place at Portside Studio. The design was lead by Sean Donoher who at the time was our resident artist and manufacture a collaborative effort by staff and participants at MiO. To fully enjoy this sculpture you have to watch it in action here. 

Equanimity... a mesmerisingly mobile sculpture. 
The Big Gay Gull

Making it Out's first public artwork. We created The Big Gay Gull to celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of our home town of Brighton and Hove.

Made from a steel frame with reused delivery pallets for the feathers, dyed in the colours of the rainbow to fit in with the LGBTQ+ Pride event that it was made for. 

When we started out making it we didn't expect it to make the BBC news but we're very grateful for the airtime. 

Find out more and watch us the Beeb

After the success of The Big Gay Gull, we were very proud to be asked to create another pride spectacle by local hair stylist Mooch. 


In honour of the fabulous hairstyles they are famous for, we created a classic victorian seaside style 'Sproftacchel' (face in the hole board) based on birds of paradise with fabulous hairstyles. 

This sprofttacchel was placed outside their shop for the week in the run up to pride and for the day of the parade itself for passers by to enjoy. 

This birds were imagined and painted by Sean Donoher. 


Since then we've also created bespoke lighting and a number of other bits and pieces for Mooch.

The Mooch Lovebirds

Part of the brief for our refit of the chapel at Emmaus included a solution to create a floating ceiling. One that would break up the space between floor and a very high ceiling whilst also encouraging customers to enjoy the architecture of the chapel and the stunning art deco stained glass window on the balcony.

To do this we reused the wide variety of offcuts created during the construction of the shop furniture staining them in colours that matched the palette of the window.

These pieces were then hung from wires suspended across the chapel, leaving a gap for a clear view of the window when you stand around the altar entrance of the chapel and look towards the light.

Read more about the Emmaus shop fit or watch us discuss it on BBC South East news.


The hanging offcuts of Emmaus Brighton

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