Whilst we didn't set out to become Brighton's 'premier accidental shopfitters' we have embraced every opportunity available to us and have had the chance to work with some great local businesses over the last year or so. We work by looking for functional solutions with sustainable materials and then we build a degree of spectacular on top to ensure that people enjoy their experience of the shops and remember to the brand and ethos after they leave. 

Hisbe, Worthing

Working with Hisbe has always been a pleasure, so when they asked us to create their new shop environment in Worthing we were over the moon and intent on making it somewhere really special to shop. Hisbe have always been willing to take risks and their sustainable and community focused business model is an inspiration in the local social economy. We were intent that this shop should represent everything good about Hisbe and make it as usable and sustainable as we could. The shop is well worth a visit and they are always fully stocked with a great variety of local goodies. 


Outfit @ Emmaus, Portslade

The beginning of our shopfitting journey was the refitting of the chapel at Emmaus Brighton in Portslade Old Village. The brief was to transform a stunning old chapel into a stylish vintage clothing emporium (far more than just another charity shop!). We were also tasked with completing this transformation using primarily OSB (fancy chipboard to you), oh and could they have a floating ceiling...hopefully the pictures say it all. If not then maybe watch this video of us discussing it on the BBC. 

Best of the rest

Alongside our major shopfitting projects we have completed a wide variety of smaller works. Some of these have been additions to existing shops such as Hisbe Brighton and Better Food in Bristol. Others have been for the launch of new ventures such as Scrapless Refills over in Burgess Hill and our local Shop Kindly. We are always happy to hear from new customers, all of our work is designed and made in house with a focus on usability and sustainability.