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At Making it Out we are focused on how we improve the outcomes of individuals that we work with. We do this through a number of different routes, in collaboration with local organisations and statutory services. The programmes below describe some of the structures we have in place to manage individual needs and aspirations and how people can access our services. 

Voluntary work placements

Our placements are an opportunity to come and get involved with the creative design and manufacture activities of the charity. We expect people to attend at least 1 day a week and want to be involved in a range of the different activities we have on offer. See commissions and projects for more detail on these. 

We work with a wide variety of participants at MiO who have an amazing range of skills and experience. Sharing these skills and learning new ones is a focus of the placements and we aim to help people to grow within the role and begin to look for new opportunities both within our organisation and outside of it.  

To organise these placements we usually need to take referrals from a local organisation but are also willing to have a chat with individuals that think they need support but aren't sure who to talk to. If this is you please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

"MIO helped me sort out my life. I couldn’t do it without the support of MIO
I’m preparing to be self employed as a furniture designer"

Current MIO Participant

Voluntary Work Placement
Prison Leavers and ROTL
"I saw a notice on a prison notice board and applied
I’m working on an illustration project that requires resources I can’t access in prison
I’d like to come here every day."

Former MIO Participant

Prison Leavers and ROTL placements

We work closely with local probation services and voluntary sector to provide placements for people leaving prison. These placements involve a consistent level of communication between us and probation This allows for a joined up and individualised approach to help find the most positive outcomes for individuals and effectively reduce the likelihood of reoffending. 

MiO currently have referral procedures in place with Brighton and Worthing probation offices but are happy to take referrals from others, please see our referral from for more detail. 

Through a close relationship with HMP Ford we also run placements though 'Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL)'. Application to these placements is managed through the prison. 

Enterprise Development

At MiO we offer resources, knowledge and structure to help ideas grow into reality. This can be done through a combination of enterprise training, an opportunity to prototype designs or sometimes just a sounding board for something that you have been planning in your head. 

Our staff and many of the participants have been through these processes before and know what it takes to set up on your own...and how daunting this can be. 


MiO run an enterprise qualification called 'Passport to Enterprise and Employability' through SFEDI. This provides a structure for our participants to frame their futures and is a useful tool in planning to succeed. 

As we know this is a slow process with hurdles, setbacks and unforeseen circumstances, we're in it for the long run and hope participants want to stay involved with MiO after they outgrow us. 

"MiO has helped me to apply successfully for a grant for my project. 
I’ll definitely come back when I leave prison and I’d like to help MiO in the future"
Enterprise Development
The MiO Development Fund

Launching in early 2022, the development fund is a way for us to help our participants to realise their potential and move closer towards the more productive futures that they have been aiming for. 

It is available to any of our participants that have been engaging with us for at least 6 months and have an clear plan around how funding could help their development. 

Participants can apply for up to £500 for courses, resources, equipment or training. We encourage anyone who is applying for the fund to complete an Award in our SFEDI accredited enterprise qualification. 

Find out more and download the application form

Development Fund
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