Arms and face close up in situ.jpg

1. a formidable work of graffiti (short for "masterpiece")

Urban Dictionary, Feb 2021

3D Sculptural Graffiti

inspired by Brighton

The 'Our Piece of Brighton' project is a collaborative artwork that will be designed and made by young people of Brighton and Hove.


It will be a 3D 'piece' of graffiti, taking inspiration from the graffiti many varied murals, dubs and pieces seen around the city. The design is based around the letter forms of 'LOST & FOUND' which creates the form of a laid back b-boy style character.

This image shows how the sculpture will look in position, with possible further surface decoration added to the shutters of the carpark behind to extend the sculpture on to the built environment.

See below for more detail on the design.

Extended (possible colour).jpg

Download the project proposal document.

See the planning permission submission online.