1. a formidable work of graffiti (short for "masterpiece")

Urban Dictionary, Feb 2021

3D Sculptural Graffiti

inspired by Brighton

The 'Our Piece of Brighton' project is a collaborative artwork that will be designed and made by young people of Brighton and Hove.


It will be a 3D 'piece' of graffiti, taking inspiration from the graffiti many varied murals, dubs and pieces seen around the city.

Through the sculpture we are aiming to show what the city means to the young people who live in it. We are working with young people from a diverse range of local support services including The Clocktower Sanctuary, Homewood School and Brighton Youth Offending Services.

Location images - Kings place 1.jpg

This exit

to the Theatre

Car park in King's

place will be the permanent

home of the letterform sculpture. 

OPOB is in collaboration with local graff artist Sinnaone...see some of his work below and check out his website.