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Taking pride in our work

'The Big Gay Gull' was the first collaborative artwork that MiO worked on as part of the 2018 LGBTQ+ pride celebrations. The giant rainbow seagull was placed to welcome customers to the ticket booths in the centre of Brighton in Victoria Gardens. 

Work on the gull was a collaborative effort with a particularly engaged group from YMCA's Evolve programme, managed at the time by Rose Ryan. The video below show the gull in all of its glory and see Liam take centre stage explaining how it has helped him to begin to find new definition for himself. 

The Gull was made from steel and recycled delivery pallets with wood dye to create the 8 rainbow colours used in that years pride event. 


"I've come here and given my time and, yeah, we done that, and that looks absolutely amazing."

Liam, MIO participant July 2018

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