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At MiO we are happy to work across creative disciplines and produce all manner of bespoke artefacts. We have previously worked on functional pieces as well as more aesthetic, artistic items for individual clients & ranges to be sold locally. We work to the specific needs of our clients and always factor in how we will produce work with our participants and make the most of the mutually beneficial opportunities presented by each challenge. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to get talking about how we can create what you need. 

Maggie's Outdoor seating

Working on designs produced by Local Works Studio these steel frame chairs were fabricated at over at Buncton for a an outdoor seating area at a new Maggie's centre in Southampton. The frames are make from 16mm round bar, heated and bent into shape to form a sketch like design for the frames. They were then powder coated and Local Works used repurposed fire hose to create the seating and give the chairs a distinctive style. 

Charleston 'Omega' Animals

In 2019 MiO were approached by Charleston Trust to recreate some designs by Rodger Fry from his 'Omega' Workshops, originally designed in 1910. These animals were based on rough drawings and obscured photos that showed impressionistic shaped creatures made from hinged wooden pieces. It was a challenge to manipulate the materials and work within the necessary constraints that the historical context demanded. We created 10 camels and 10 rhinos for sale their gift shop. 

One Church Tables

Foldaway tables, One Church

These tables were created for One Church's Florence Road site, pictured above in all of its glory. They required a design that would be easy to erect and take down whilst also being in-keeping in with the stunning environment of the church.The design came to be through a process of collaborative consultation of staff and participants with the birch ply frames being CNC cut by Cutting Edge before being assembled in house. 

Bespoke light fittings, Mooch