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...a local charity based in Portslade, Brighton and Hove. MiO has been set up to enable people, who are at risk of committing crime without support, to begin to change their current situation through regular engagement in creative making activities.

Art, Design

We are committed to the the principle that creative, practical activity has a positive effect on an individual’s confidence, self esteem and capacity to change. Day to day interaction with others in this setting can provide motivation and momentum to leave negative behaviours behind and start to move forward. 


Emotional message about something important but also meaningless 

MIO Participant, Dec 2019

Who we work with

We work with people in need of structure and support to get them moving in the right direction. Including all of the following:

Prison leavers and people on probation

Prisoners still serving sentences on ROTL placements

People in recovery from addiction or breakdown.

Long term unemployed

The local homeless population

Other people in need of regular occupational support.

Referring to MiO

We take referrals from prisons, probation and other local voluntary organisations within criminal justice sector. Participants have a number of options available to them dependent on their current situation and what they hope to achieve with us. Our intention with all of our participants is that they move on to find further positive use of their time and continue to engage with us in other positive ways. 

Download our Referral Form

Getting involved

We work to provide opportunties for individuals to get involved in exciting art and design projects that range from intricate artworks to large scale shopfitting installations or public artworks. At MiO we will help you transition from one stage of life to another and provide the support you need to move forward.

If you have a probation officer or Keyworker please let them know you'd like to work with MiO. If you don't please use the contact form below


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